Sunday, 24 April 2011

Argh! Sunshine!

Well, this week MimaPants took part in her first craft show. Which was all very lovely and pretty. However a word of advice - if you live in a tourist area like the New Forest, do not do craft shows on sunny days. No bugger turns up! Ah, well. Off to the beach!

Here's a free crochet pattern to stop sand getting in your phone:

Hook size 6mm, chunky weight wool

Chain 31 or twice the width of the phone
TC in 2nd chain from hook and along. Ch1 turn

Keep going in rows of 30 TC until your work is twice the width and the same height as the phone (about 4"x 7" for the average Smartphone)

Fold in half and DC down the long side and across the bottom. Sl st and finish.

Decorate with hearts, flowers and motifs if you're feeling clever :)

Happy Easter


  1. Hello! Summer is not the time for needlecrafts is it? Never mind - this can't last can it?!
    (P.S. MNer here - Your blog is looking good)

  2. Thank you! Summer for me is time to sit in a deckchair in the garden and hook something :D