Friday, 15 April 2011

Buttonholes are scary!

I hate buttonholes. Fiddly little mushties that I'm convinced I'll mess up, meaning all my hard work has to be binned. Not worth the hassle, I say to myself. The last time I sewed a button hole I was fourteen and working on a dress for Textiles. Needless to say, despite producing a beautiful child's gingham school dress, I was given a C because I didn't write it up well enough...

Except, sometimes you have to confront these things. I work with adults with a range of additional needs, and my key resident needed his pyjamas fixed. So, after work the other day, I brought it home to tackle. I have no options. He wants buttons on his pyjamas. Not a zip (also a source of consternation for me). Not poppers, which I'm quite happy with and enjoy doing now I have my lovely pliers that do all the work for me. So, today, I tackled button holes.

Easy as pie! I don't know what I was worried about! The sewing machine did it all for me, I just had to tell it when to start and stop. I have defeated my horror of The Button Hole.

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